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This Is The Mural So Far, by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox This Is The Mural So Far, :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 27 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE BOY! by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE BOY! :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 0 IgnightTale! Dr. W.D Gaster by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox IgnightTale! Dr. W.D Gaster :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 4 34 Elinore Fan Art! by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Elinore Fan Art! :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 21 Shadow the Hedgehog by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Shadow the Hedgehog :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 1 15 Silver the HedgeHog! :3 by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Silver the HedgeHog! :3 :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 4 4 Just Can't by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Just Can't :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 10 Has AnyOne Else Ever Had This Moment? XD by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Has AnyOne Else Ever Had This Moment? XD :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 0 Sprinkles The Robo Dwarf Hamster! :3 by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Sprinkles The Robo Dwarf Hamster! :3 :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 4 7 FireFly-Gazing by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox FireFly-Gazing :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 3 0 Past by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Past :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 4 3 Fighting Vylad by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Fighting Vylad :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 6 3 Soul Of ACCEPTANCE by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox Soul Of ACCEPTANCE :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 5 6 IgnightTale! Grillby by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox IgnightTale! Grillby :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 9 15 IgnightTale! Flowey by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox IgnightTale! Flowey :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 0 UNDERDAY! FLOWEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY by Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox UNDERDAY! FLOWEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :iconmidnight-da-ruby-fox:Midnight-da-Ruby-Fox 2 0


Bendy x child!cartoon!reader
You were y/n, a small cartoon child that was created to be a part of a cartoon that had been cancelled due to some issues...
You were currently walking around the abandoned studio, hoping to find someone else in the studio, also to hopefully keep your hopes up that you weren't completely abandoned by your creators.. You would see words on the walls but you weren't sure what they said, plus they looked to be fading. You sighed a bit and kept walking.
"hello? is anyone else here?" you decided to call out. Little did you know, someone had heard you, and was on his way to you.
~Bendy's POV~
I was hanging out with Boris, just doing the usual stuff, when we suddenly hear a voice call out from the distance.
"hello? is anyone there?" It said. or at least, I'm sure that's what it said.
"Who could that be?" Boris looked back at me, he seems confused.
"I'll go check it out, you wait here." I told him, and he simply nodded. I made my way to the source of the voice. Not too long after, I hear foots
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 8 0
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter ten)
You made your way down the sidewalk and watched as the traffic went by, car by car it got busier and busier. The chanting of a nearby protest echoed throughout the city and you let out a sigh. Why haven't you been able to choose whether your a supporter or a hater of the monsters yet? 
It seems like such a small thing, but in reality, it isn't. It's a present issue echoing throughout the world, not just in Ebott City. The monster's freedom has been debated for the past six months, but could that soon turn into six years? 
What if humanity passed some law that sent the monsters back into the underground? That'd be absolutely tragic! Sans and Papyrus both looked so happy up here and them being ripped from their freedom would be an absolute tragedy! 
Would the humans really be that cruel though? Monsters pretty much had equal rights to humans right now but, could that change? Humans were learning to be more accepting so, maybe nothing terrible will happen this time. 
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 10 16
Underswap genocide SANS by shade0fPinkHeart Underswap genocide SANS :iconshade0fpinkheart:shade0fPinkHeart 35 4 MLP/ Lil miss Rarity: my blood by shade0fPinkHeart MLP/ Lil miss Rarity: my blood :iconshade0fpinkheart:shade0fPinkHeart 64 7 Dr. flug (villainous) by shade0fPinkHeart Dr. flug (villainous) :iconshade0fpinkheart:shade0fPinkHeart 73 4 Underswap SANS by shade0fPinkHeart Underswap SANS :iconshade0fpinkheart:shade0fPinkHeart 51 7 (PokeRequest) Im Almost Out Of Colorful Rocks by MatthewandKatlayn (PokeRequest) Im Almost Out Of Colorful Rocks :iconmatthewandkatlayn:MatthewandKatlayn 26 4
Undertale Grillby X Reader (Burning Love)
With a sigh, you picked up a towel and began wiping down the tables at Grillby's. It had been a very long day of work and you and Grillby had worked late into the night serving customers. It was around three AM and you were just ready to go home and rest for the night. 
But to your disappointment, you still had quite a few jobs to do before Grillby's officially closed for the night. Sweep the floors, wipe off the counter, restock the shelves, mop the kitchen and wash the dishes. At least Grillby was here to help you close up, though that was his job. 
Speaking of Grillby, he walked in from the back and grabbed the broom. "I've mopped the kitchen and restocked the shelves," He spoke, his flames were crackling and burning a bright orange. 
"Alright, thanks babe." You replied as you moved onto wiping off the next table. 
You two had been dating for around ten months now, that means you've been working at Grillby's for a little over a year. After two months of working a
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 16 21
Unfinished Bendy by Skull-Chick-of-Roses Unfinished Bendy :iconskull-chick-of-roses:Skull-Chick-of-Roses 1 0 Ruintale Asriel Dreemurr LAST EFFORTS by animatorfun Ruintale Asriel Dreemurr LAST EFFORTS :iconanimatorfun:animatorfun 4 3
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter nine)
As you walked, the sun was starting to go down fast. The sunset was a beautiful cloudy pink and orange, it was absolutely gorgeous and you stopped to take a photo with your phone. You aimed it at the perfect area and took a few photos. It looked more spectacular in real life than on your phone but, filters could probably fix that. 
You tucked your phone back into your pocket and resumed walking, it was still a pleasant temperature outside. It was only around seventy-five degrees fahrenheit, which was pretty good for a summer night. 
The clouds were starting to close in and you could hear some thunder crack in the distance. The wind also picked up and blew your hair around. You had forgotten that it was going to storm tonight. You'd better go home the quick way, which is the route Austin knows about. Hopefully he wouldn't be there, not many would be out tonight if something were to happen. 
So, you quickly walked home as the storm approached. You regretted not bringi
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 13 27
Cat kidnapped her babies and took them to paradise
Cute story that happened today.   
For visuals, my cats live in this sort of greenhouse type shed that has a glass roof and chicken wire walls. Attached to it is a regular shed with a metal sloped roof that I build a little carpeted platform on for me to sit under the trees.  : D
Beautiful Mystery is sort of my cat, sort of feral, and I let her out of the "greenhouse" to go free if she wants to.  I kept her kittens inside since they are still pretty small.
So today I went out there with my sister and we wanted to pet some of the kittens.  >w<  We went inside the greenhouse and saw only the other cats and two of the kittens. (three missing)  We looked absolutely everywhere possible for them, and were totally baffled as to what happened to them.  I jokingly said "maybe she kidnapped them to take them back to the wild" and we went back outside to look around some more.  Couldn't find them anywhere in the surrounding grass.
So my sister le
:iconmadzchickenfreak:MADZchickenFreak 4 8
Missing heart.. by xXRay-PhoenixXx Missing heart.. :iconxxray-phoenixxx:xXRay-PhoenixXx 71 3
Thinking about getting a new account.
I've been here for a good 5 years and it's been fun and all, but nothing I've really done here I really want to stick with me in the long run.
I kind hate my username and I just don't want all the stupid shit I did as a kid to follow me into later in my life as an artist.
Plus I'm not too attached to all the little characters and stories I've started here (the reader insert, the goblin cats, that crab sonic oc I made)
And if I leave pretty much every I started here behind me I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be to hurt.
Anyway I'll probably re-watch a lot of you and re-favorite a lot of the stuff I did before, so you guys won't have a hard finding me.
Anyways tell me what I should do I' interested, but if I get no comments I'll probably just assume it doesn't matter and do it anyway. (Given time to prepare and make a good second first impression of course.)
:iconhelenthewolf:helenthewolf 1 0
Underfell!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter twenty-six)
[W.D. Gaster's POV]
I walked further into the darkness that I had called my home for over a decade. I heard my black dress shoes clicking with every step I took, it was nice something was breaking the eerie silence.
The human... (y\n), had just left, she'll be waking up soon. Hopefully she'll be keeping her promise. If not, I'll find a way to make sure she regrets it. How would I do that, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe I'll summon her back to the void and fight, or maybe I'll refuse to help keep Frisk away. 
I concentrated and the void was suddenly lit with the red light of my magic, this helped me feel more at ease. It was much better than just walking in complete darkness. I sighed as I conjured up my magic into a ball and sent it into the stale air. It lit the area around me and helped me relax. 
But, I knew I wasn't alone. I haven't been alone in years, Frisk is always there... Watching me from the shadowy haze. It was almost like I could feel their beady eyes watchi
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 9 36
''Can I Get An Amen...?'' by Skull-Chick-of-Roses ''Can I Get An Amen...?'' :iconskull-chick-of-roses:Skull-Chick-of-Roses 5 39



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